Plantation Gardens

Back in June (sorry I’m a bit behind on my blogging) I got to photograph these two cheeky brothers again, I couldn’t believe how much they had grown up since last years shoot.

This time we spent the morning at The Plantation Gardens in Norwich, it’s so beautiful the flowers and architecture really make the a hidden gem in Norwich.

The littlest of the brothers particularly liked fountain and throwing stones in it, he managed to get very muddy doing this, he even managed to get mud in his hair.

We walked all around the gardens, my favourite was the bridge looking out on the Gardens. With all the tall palm style trees it felt very tropical and the shots I took here are some of my favourites, the boys just being boys being silly and having lots of fun.

My favourite moment was the boys little show they put on for me and their mummy singing songs from Moana and Frozen, as a massive Disney fan this was a big hit with me!

Also forgot to mention their awesome matching outfits and their mummas awesome ‘raising boys’ t-shirt, and the boys have matching light up trainers!

Here’s some of my favourites.

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