It’s Prom Time

Back in June, my little sister went to her High school prom, she has now officially left school and is growing up *sobs*

She came to my prom nearly 10 years ago, albeit she was desperate to leave to go to her school fete, so I couldn’t miss this for the world despite having an invitation of summer evenings drinks (it was a tough decision) but family always comes first.

Luckily we have a very talented MUA & hairdresser in our family in the form of our stepmom who was on hand to beautify my sister.

We headed over to meet all her friends and off they went to the prom in the most awesome prom transport I have seen, a scooby doo van. As much as she didn’t want me to I followed the transport to the venue, as I really wanted to see all the other modes of transport, my favourite was a vintage fire truck.

Dress – Prom Nation

Venue – Park Farm Hotel, Hethersett

Bag & Shoes – New Look

Here’s some of my favourites.

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