You shall go to the prom


Its not just the ticket to get into the prom, its the car, make up, hair, tan, shoes, accessories and of course the all important dress, this can set parents back a couple of hundred pounds and that’s just the dress.

Behind the glitz, glam and excitement of your high school prom there’s a lots of pressure for girls to look perfect, with salon done hair, perfect make up, the latest bag and accessories and a show stopping dress. For some this is all very daunting, the pressure to look amazing or the household funds just don’t stretch far enough, this is what inspired Tracey to set up Prom Nation. This day enables girls over the county to get their perfect prom dress, shoes and accessories for just a few pounds with all the money going back to Break Charity to help local children and families. There’s hair, make-up and styling advice throughout the day to create the ultimate girls day out experience.

When Tracey asked me if I would photograph the event, I jumped at the chance,it meant so much to me as an individual and as an owner of a new small business to be asked to be involved in such a fun and inspiring event whilst raising money for charity.

Friday night I saw Tracey on the news, and this inspired me to donate some of my own dresses. I immediately sent Tracey a message asking if she still wanted donations, so I got raiding my wardrobe and drove over to Break on Saturday to meet Tracey and spent a lovely couple of hours with Tracey photographing sneak peaks of the gorgeous dresses and accessories.

One of these donations was my own prom dress, that I have kept ever since I wore it 9 years ago, I was lucky enough to be left some money by my adopted nanny that I used to buy my dress, she was a dressmaker so it just felt right to use this money to buy my prom dress. If she hadn’t have kindly given me that money I wouldn’t have had a dress to go to prom in, so now its time for me to pass on that gift to another deserving girl who will go to the ball and help to raise money for children and families over Norfolk.

The event is taking place 12/04/18, 10am – 5pm at Bar 11, Norwich.





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