A new venture

Since I made the decision in the middle of 2017 to make my hobby into a new business venture, I have visited so many more places.

Lots of places that are right on my doorstep that I kept saying I must visit one weekend, but never did because life just gets in the way, I have now been.

When I first decided to embark on this new adventure alongside my full time job, I knew I needed a portfolio before I could go any further, I was a bit scared to advertise and ask people I didn’t know to model for me at first, I was worried the photos wouldn’t be good enough to give to the people I had asked to model.

However I am lucky enough to have a gorgeous sister who very kindly agreed to model for me on quite a few occasions.

After a few months this really helped my confidence grow, I then felt I needed to make my portfolio more diverse different genders and ages, so I then advertised asking for models, I was apprehensive at first but the response I got was fantastic.

All of those people who gave up their time to help me grow my small business, I will always be grateful to you all and really hope that you enjoy your photos and the memories they hold for you and your families.

These are some photos from one of my first photo shoots at Mousehold Heath (somewhere I kept meaning to walk round , I finally got there with my camera!)

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