Isabelle & Poppy

I met Isabelle & Poppy with their Mummy at the beginning of October in the forest at Highlodge for their family Photoshoot. On my drive there it rained the whole way, luckily as I got there the rain stopped.

I was told beforehand that Isabelle is a bit of an explorer around the forest, so we started off at the play area, Baby Poppy woke up momentarily, I got a few shots then she decided it was time for a sleep again.

While we waiting for Poppy to wake up again, Isabelle found the Gruffalo and a den made out of sticks, she went on a stick hunt and found a stick that was bigger than her and in fact bigger than me, so she needed a little help to add it to the den, I couldn’t resist and had to help build the den too!

On the shoot, Isabelle was asking me questions about my cameras, and asked if she could have a go at taking some photos, I agreed, a little nervous of a four year holding the camera, but she loved it, she wouldn’t put it down. I was really inspired by this, that someone so young was so interested in a ‘big’ camera which can look a bit invasive sometimes especially to a child.

Baby Poppy woke up and we got the most gorgeous smiles out of her, a little patience goes a long way, she kept us waiting but by the end of the shoot we got to see her smiling.

I had great fun on this shoot, hope you all enjoy the photos.