Josh & Skylar

I met Josh & Skylar along with their Mummy at Whitlingham Lake on a sunny September Saturday morning for their Photoshoot.

When we first met Josh said he was a bit nervous to have his photo taken, but his nerves soon disappeared, as he was telling me about when he comes to the boating lake at Whitlingham, today we would be staying out of the water.

We found a lovely sunny spot for some photos, my favourite moment was when Josh put Skylar on his shoulders, which are some of my favourite photos from the shoot, their personalities really show in these photos, full of fun and happiness.

We also walked by the river, luckily not meeting to many angry swans, thankfully any we did meet Josh scared them away for us. The light was slightly darker in this area, which was nice to contrast the previous images.

What I loved most about this shoot was, there was so many gorgeous in between moments, between the two children and their mum picking them up for a kiss or cuddle, I love it when the parents get involved as well.

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