A few weeks ago now, I met Jensen and his Mummy at Waterloo Park for Jensen's photoshoot.

I hadn't been to Waterloo park since I was a child, so my memory of it was a little hazy, as well as the play park with the water splash area which is perfect for the little ones, there's the beautiful garden area's to walk around, this particular day was beautifully sunny, the perfect day for a stroll around the park.

We walked around the gardens first, under the veranda, Jensen liked to call it the train track, we said the maybe the train was on its holidays that day, as it was a little high up for a train, (I love the imagination of children), up the steps, into the bandstand, carefully avoiding the water that surrounds it. Jensen had brought along a rock he had decorated as part of the Norfolk Rocks Challenge, so we found a place to hide it along the way too.

We then walked along the path to the play park and water splash area, both sides of the path lots of gorgeous flowers growing up against the walls.

Jensen had a play with the flowers, looking at all the different colours, but especially liked the very tall yellow ones.

We then got to the park, Jensen's favourite bit of the day, he went straight to the boat, climbing to the top, as he was Captain! He then found the climbing frame with the slide and then the swings, although a little big for the swings he had the biggest grin on his face as his mummy was pushing him on them, especially when we said CAAAKE, as we learnt this is the way to make him smile without fail!

Here's a few of my favourites of this gorgeous cheeky little boy.

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