Harvey and Olly

Last Sunday, I met Harvey, Olly & their Mummy at Eaton Park, to do a outdoor shoot of these two gorgeous brothers.

It was a super sunny day with lots of families out having fun exploring the park, and this lovely family were no exception, greeted with big welcoming smiles from both the boys and their lovely Mummy.

We met in the garden, with beaming sunshine, surrounded by the beautiful flowers. When I arrived Harvey & Olly were having a kick about in the gardens, we then moved onto the steps at the back of the garden with the flower backdrop.

Harvey was eager to play on his scooter, so we went on a walk/scoot around the park and I even had my own park tour guide (Harvey) and an excellent tour guide he was.

We went to the boating lake and lots of people were there with their boats a Police boat, cruise ship & even a war ship.

We then moved onto the bandstand, the boys had a run around, where we met the cutest puppy, Olly was in his element, I think he would have taken it home given the chance, watch out Mum he will want a little puppy of his own soon!

I had a lovely morning g with these two cheeky little chaps and their Mummy.

Here's some shots of our morning.


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